Supplement intestine – Pot blue lid

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The C cure has been specially developed for intestinal metabolism problems



NAS-TROP’s supplement intestine
The way horses are kept nowadays, the horses no longer have a free choice of food and therefore no free choice for their well-being. In the wild, horses look for specific herbs and plants that can either improve or maintain their well-being.
Without these herbs and plants, with their specific effect, deficiencies can arise in the horse’s body. By providing this supplementary feed to your horse, the shortages are eliminated.

Composition of supplement intestine: Gentian, centaury, liquorice, allspice, dandelion.
Contents: crude protein 4.8%, crude fat 1.5%, crude fiber 33%, crude ash 13%
Content 600 grams + measuring spoon of 12.5 grams. 2 measuring spoons is 25 grams
Give with mesh or wet bran
Week 1: 3x a week, 2x a day 2 level measuring spoons
Week 2-5 : 2x a week, 2x a day 2 level measuring spoons
2x a week, 2x a day 2 level measuring spoons
For multi-day competitions:
Supplement Darm(intestine) 2 level scoops per day
Supplement Sport 2 level scoops per day
Start day before departure. During competition days every day give Darm & Sport.