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We strive for a world offering the ideal circumstances for horses to live in optimal health.


Horses that are being kept in a non-natural environment (read: domesticized) deserve our care and knowledge about a balanced nutrition. With intelligent nutritional advice Jan Jonas invites the horse lover to change their view on the method of nutrition. With focus on proper nutrition, the metabolism can quickly be improved followed by impressive results in performance. In the world of horse and nutrition Jonas’s work stands out, because of his personal approach and his down-to-earth method. For years his work has been challenging the commercial animal nutritional industry.



Through counseling, lectures and consultations Jonas aims to share his knowledge to widen the view on horse wellbeing. Jonas supports his story with the sales of nutritional supplements. He has been bringing these supplements on the market on national and international level for the last 40 years.

Our story

Jonas began to observe his own horse back in ‘70s. This horse showed problems in his weight and digestion. The more feedings, the less weight gain. Not a single specialist brought improvement, no vet, no faculty, no diet. Jonas subsequently placed his horse back in nature, a rural piece of land in Normandy, France, to observe the horse’s behavior and diet. Surprisingly the horse avoided the beautiful rich grass and headed straight to the young sprouts of the blackberry bush, the bark of some trees, and plants that contain low levels bitters and tannic acids. Also known as alkaloids and saponins. Elements known to influence PH-levels. Horses are naturally equipped with the ability (instinct) to choose what they need from nature. Jonas’s horse healed itself with ‘Doctor Green’. A phenomenon horses have been doing as far as they have been around. Despite being rejected for sports, Grivis, Jonas’s horse, lived happily and healthy for 28 years.

After many studies and research the idea was born to support more horses in their nutrition and health.

The nature-horse vs man-horse

The wild horse has been living on nutrient-poor soil like prairie or steppe. Mother nature has created the horse in a way it can survive from the lowest form of energy, called cellulose. For a very long time the horse has been domesticized and especially in the last 80 years we even provided it a five-star-hotel-like life. But we forgot we are still dealing with an animal with its own special need for nutrient-poor soil and diet.

The intestinal metabolism

During the day the horse is grazing, chewing, walking and looking for vegetation. Being able to chew for many hours is a crucial element of good metabolism. In Jonas’ opinion we make a mistake with the current diet we provide for horses; three times a day and preferably concentrates of nutrition. This method doesn’t allow the horse to graze and chew all day and thus problems in the metabolism may arise. This can give all sorts of lurking complaints. Also it increases the stress in other organs. This can give problems with riding like weakness or resistance in turns or behavioral problems like jerking or bucking.

Nutritional supplements

The with care assembled metabolic supplements are nutritional supplements that will restore the authentic metabolism. The active ingredrients are plant-based powders which should be used as an addition to the regular feeds. Jonas is able to give advice on the regular diet, so his nutritional supplement comes to its right.
With Jonas’ advice and supplements you will bring the diet of your horse back to it’s authentic self.

The supplements

We have 3 kinds of supplements
C to improve the metabolism
B to recover after performance
A to regulate the lactic-acid and to decompress and relax

Our nutritional supplements are not being sold as medicine and are not a replacement for regular feeds.



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